“Setting EPR Up For Success: A Textile Industry Perspective” policy roundtable is held in Brussels

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We’re pleased to share that the New Cotton Project hosted its second policy roundtable in Brussels bringing together the project consortium with EU policy makers and leading  textile industry stakeholders to discuss some of the key challenges, and potential solutions to help ensure incoming EPR schemes are set up to succeed.

Big thank you to Paul Webb for kicking off the event with opening remarks and Vincenzo Gente for providing an overview of the updated Waste Framework Directive. Thanks to Ekaterina Stoyanova for sharing a fellow EU project, CISUTAC’s vision for a European EPR that drives circularity.

Thank you also to Emilia Gädda, Kirsi Roine, Drishti Masand, Marta Inchausti Moya, and Halit Gümüşer for an insightful panel exploring some of the challenges incoming EPR schemes pose for the industry, and Carla Fité Galan, Luca Campadello, Traci Kinden along with Emilia Gädda for outlining some of the potential solutions.

Finally, thank you to our host Kirsi Niinimaki and Lutz Walter for closing remarks, Hanna Gavrylova and Melanie Hughes for overall organisation, and all of our attendees for their valuable expert contributions to the breakout session discussions.

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