White papers

Explore the New Cotton Project Knowledge Exchange series. You can find more educational materials on the Circular Textiles platform developed by Aalto University.

Circular Economy and Fashion White Paper

Aalto University has produced the consortium’s first white paper, authored by Natalia Moreira, PhD and Kirsi Niinimaki, exploring the value of implementing the circular economy within the fashion industry. Read more and download the white paper here.


Circular Ecosystem’s Blueprint Booklet

Aalto University presents a booklet outlining the New Cotton Project project, its milestones, and the overall experience of implementing a circular ecosystem within the reality of the European textile industry. Head here to view.


Circular Business Models in the Textile Industry White Paper

Embracing circularity: let’s take a look at the different types of circular business models, explained in New Cotton Project’s second white paper by Aalto University. Read more and download the white paper here.


Interactive Ecosystem For Circular Textiles White Paper

This white paper presents the results and insights of the first 24 months of the project, using the examples as platforms for transforming the industry and enabling an easier transition towards circularity. Read more and download the white paper here.